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1st Prize
European Band Contest 2011
at the La Roche Bluegrass Festival, France
"That Old Book of Mine"

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That Old Book of Mine

Blackjack along with Ondra Kozak on fiddle
and Karel Zacal on dobro.

Purchasing at our concerts.

  1. Are You Teasing Me
  2. You're the Girl of My Dreams
  3. At the End of a Long Loneley Day
  4. I Couldn't Believe It Was True
  5. Something abou Homemade Biscuits
  6. My Turn to Laugh
  7. Tennessee Border
  8. Beneath the Winter Snow
  9. We'll Meet Again Sweetheart
  10. Welcome
  11. I'll Still Write Your Name in the Sand
  12. Somebody Loves You Darling
  13. Don't Lie to Me
  14. Old Brush Arbors
  15. That Old Book of Mine

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No One Like You

Recording from May 2007.
With special guest Ondra Kozák on fiddle.

Purchasing on our address or at our concerts.

  1. No One Like You (Ivo Drbohlav)
  2. Faded Love and Winter Roses (Steve Waller)
  3. Making Up Stories (Dudley Connell)
  4. I've Had Enough (Jim Eanes)
  5. On a High High Mountain (Charlie Moore)
  6. I Cried Again (Jim Eanes)
  7. You'll Be Rewarded Over There (Charlie & Ira Louvin)
  8. No One As Sweet As You (Charlie Moore & Bill Napier)
  9. The First to Know (Ivo Drbohlav)
  10. Journey's End (Virgil Stewart, Ernest Tubb)
  11. Are You Alone (Bill Clifton)
  12. Somewhere Somebody's Waiting for You
    (Hank Snow)
  13. 1928 (Ondřej Plucha, Slávek Podhráský)
  14. Glendale Train (John Dawson)

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Be on Time

Recording of the year 2004
in the Czech Bluegrass Music
Association Award

Released in May 2004.

Purchasing on our address.

  1. Till the Day I Die (Keith Little)
  2. Dixie in My Eye (Leroy Maxey Drumm)
  3. Memories Cover Everything I Own
    (Dudley Connell)
  4. Stepping Stones (Paul Williams & Jimmy Martin)
  5. Breakin' It Down (Bill Emerson)
  6. Last Day at Gettysburg (Gary Ferguson)
  7. The Deepest Shade of Blue (Ivo Drbohlav)
  8. I'm Lonesome and Blue (Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs)
  9. I'll Pretend It's Raining (Jim Eanes)
  10. Hills and Home (John Duffey)
  11. Somewhere Between (Merle Haggard)
  12. You Can Keep Your Nine Pound Hammer
    (Leroy Maxey Drumm, Pete Goble)
  13. Runaway Pick (Ondřej Plucha)
  14. You'd Better Get Right (Bill Monroe)
  15. Be on Time (Odell McLeod)

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...try me one more time

Our debut CD accords exactly with our vision - bluegrass on the edge of a traditional and contemporary style.

Released in May 2002.

  1. This Train (traditional)
  2. Loneliness and Desperation (Michael Garris)
  3. New Moon Over My Shoulder
    (Lee Blastic, Jimmie H. Davis, Whelan Elke)
  4. Hell Up Coal Holler (Ed Haley)
  5. Honky Tonk Blues (Charles & Curly Ray Cline)
  6. Old Black Joe (Stephen Foster)
  7. Blackjack (J.D. Crowe & Doyle Lawson)
  8. I Don't Know Why (P.D.)
  9. In Despair (Joe Ahr)
  10. The Train Carryin' Jimmie Rodgers Home (G. Brown)
  11. Sapphire Head (Slávek Podhráský)
  12. Bring Your Clothes Back Home (John Hartford)

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Europen World of Bluegrass 2007

The best of the EWOB 2007 festival.

Strictly Country Records SCR-65

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Europen World of Bluegrass 2006

The best of the EWOB 2006 festival.

Strictly Country Records SCR-61

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Europen World of Bluegrass 2005

The best of the EWOB 2005 festival.

Strictly Country Records SCR-60

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Europen World of Bluegrass 2004

The best of the EWOB 2004 festival.

Strictly Country Records SCR-A18

  1. I THINK I'LL LEAVE, Fragment Slovakia / Czech Republic
  2. COLD AND LONELY, The Chapmans USA
  4. WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE, Liz Meyer with Nugget USA / Austria
  5. TRAIN 45, Raymond McLain & Mike Stevens USA
  6. SHADOW IN MY HEART, Springfield France
  7. PATHWAY OF TEARDROPS, New River Train Austria / Czech Republic
  8. EUREKA, Rolls Boys Czech Republic
  9. RIGHT ON THE MONEY, Album Czech Republic
  10. LONESOME TRAIN, Blue Railroad Train USA / France
  11. YOU GONNA REAP, In-Law Sisters Netherlands
  12. FLA FLU, Trio Vibracao Germany
  13. WHO'S GONNA DANCE WITH SALLY ANN, Lilly of the West Bulgaria
  14. THIS IS CRAZY NOW, Earthquake Slovakia
  15. IT AIN'T LOVE, New Lowland Netherlands
  16. SCHIENST AS DE MOAN (en stroalst as de zun), Stroatklinkers Netherlands
  17. RED-HAIRED BOY/THE SPY IN SPATE, Schneider, Gies & Belani Germany
  18. KENTUCKY WALTZ, Sunny Side Czech Republic
  19. WHEN MY BLUE MOON TURNS TO GOLD AGAIN, Country Cocktail Czech Republic
  20. OVER YONDER ON THE GOLDEN SHORE, Dick Staber & Judith Chasnoff USA
  21. WAVES IN THE SAND, Hickory Project USA
  22. STOMPING GROUND, Les Melotrolls Belgium
  23. THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN, Nugget Austria/Czech Republic

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Europen World of Bluegrass 2003

The best of the EWOB 2003 festival.

Strictly Country Records SCR-A17

  1. BIG SPIKE HAMMER, Monogram
  2. YOU RUN AWAY, Liz Meyer - USA (with Nugget - Austria)
  3. DANCING QUEEN, Sons of Navarone - Belgium
  4. JUST A TOWN, Chris Jones & The Czech Drivers USA / Czech Republic
  5. HEALING KIND, 29 Strings - Slovakia
  6. RAZ TI POVIEM, Union City Grass - Slovakia
  7. SOPHRONIE, Blackjack
  8. TAKE THIS HAMMER, Groundspeed - Germany
  9. LEE HIGHWAY, Buddy and Tina Wright Band - USA
  10. STOP ME, Nugget - Austria
  11. READY FOR THE TIMES, New Lowland - Netherlands
  12. SUNDOWN AND SORROW - Petr Brandejs Band
  13. TALK ABOUT SUFFERING, Mideando String Quartet - Italy
  14. COW COW BOOGIE, Amy Gallatin & The Hot Flashes - USA
  15. 'NEATH THE A COLD GRAY TOMB OF STONE - Bluegrass Cwrkot
  16. BLUES MAN, Roll's Boys
  17. BLUE YODEl, Zbynek Bures & The Czech Drivers
  18. IK HOL NOG MEER VAN DIE, Stroatklinkers - Netherlands
  19. ON THE SEA OF LIFE, Rawhide - Belgium
  20. LORD, WON'T YOU HELP ME, Lonesome Mountaineers - Sweden
  21. IN THE DARKEST HOUR, John Reischman & The Jaybirds - USA
  22. H MINOR, Tomas Pesko Band - Slovakia

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Europen World of Bluegrass 2002

The best of the EWOB 2002 festival.

More about bands and information about purchasing you can find here.

Strictly Country Records SCR-A16

  1. HIGH LONESOME SOUND Springfield - France
  2. ANOTHER DAY Relief
  3. TRYING NOT TO THINK Liz Meyer - USA (with Nugget - Austria)
  4. FIND ME OUT ON A MOUNTAIN TOP 29 Strings - Slovakia
  5. STARA ZGODBA Footprints - Slovenia
  7. PAUL AND PETER WALKED Steam - Slovakia
  9. WALTZING'S FOR DREAMERS Skyland - Netherlands
  10. PO RANU Veget
  11. THE ONLY WIND THAT BLOWS Nugget - Austria
  12. SAWMILL BLUES Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers - Finland
  13. SA RANDUR ARA KARDA Robirohi - Estonia
  14. AS LOVELY AS YOU Rawhide - Belgium
  15. GRAZING LAND BLUES Wasel Arar & North State - Finland
  16. LETTERA D'AMORE AD UNA BALENA Mideando String Quartet - Italy
  17. ALL ABOUT YOU Linda Thomas & Dan DeLancey - USA
  18. CASCADES/OPEN SPACES Roberto Dalla Vecchia - Italy
  19. HELLO HEARTACHE Petr Brandejs Band - Czech Republic
  20. CAROLINA PINES Sally Jones & The Sidewinders - USA
  21. AULD LANG SYNE Looping Brothers - Germany
  22. KOEKOEK Stroatklinkers - Netherlands
  23. TOM DOOLEY Album
  24. HARD CIDER Hickory Project - USA
  25. LONELY MOON 4Wheel Drive - Netherlands
  26. JOE HILL Down Hill - Sweden

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Europen World of Bluegrass 2000

Best 24 bands from the EWOB festival 2000.

More about bands and information about purchasing you can find here.

Strictly Country Records SCR-A13

  1. RED CLAY HALO Fifty Fingers
  2. AMANDA JEWELL Blackjack
  3. GONE Monogram
  4. GO RIGHT OUT Relief
  5. OLD JOE CLARK N.Rosenberg & R.Blaustein
  6. WHITE LINE SOUL Adam Dewey and Crazy Creek, USA
  7. THAT’S ALL Nugget, Austria
  8. IT’LL BE ME Spruce Pine, Netherlands
  9. TALL PINES Sunny Side
  10. KRIVO HORO Lilly ot the West, Bulgaria
  11. ZOLTKAMP Stroatklinkers, Netherlands
  12. LOVE FOR AN ANGEL Blackjack, England
  14. BLUEGRASS BREAKDOWN Bluegrass Stuff Italy
  15. WHERE SHALL I BE Jussi Syren & the Groundbreakers, Finland
  16. SAW YOU RUNNING Modrotisk
  17. CALIFORNIA COTTONFIELDS Flexibility, Netherlands
  18. HANGMAN’S REEL Wayne Henderson & Helen White, USA
  19. SWEET HIGHLAND BLUES Looping Brothers, Germany
  20. YAK PRY LUZKHU Countrybandists, Russia
  21. PYCHA Album
  22. GETTING SLOW Early Grass Revival
  24. CLIMBING UP THE MOUNTAIN Rawhide, Belgium

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Blackjack 2000

Our first recording - demo CD "Blackjack 2000".
One track live!

Released in January 2000.

  1. She’s No Angel (Wanda Ballman)
  2. I Wonder Where Are You Tonight (Johnny Bond)
  3. Amanda Jewell (Ricky Skaggs)
  4. We'll Meet Again Sweetheart (L. Flatt & E. Scruggs)
  5. You Are What I Am (G. Lightfoot)
  6. Hold Watcha Got (Jimmy Martin)
    (live - festival Jamgrass, 2.10.1999, Jindřichův Hradec)

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